About us

Walke has a rich history spanning over 150 years in the paper, cardboard, and thermoforming industries. In 2023, we are strengthening our team to provide even better services and adapt to the ever-changing markets. This decision is based on a shared understanding that paper, cardboard and thermoforming have never been more crucial in the business than they are today, as the entire industry strives to enhance and embrace eco-friendly packaging solutions.

Our history

Founded in 1870 in Fribourg, Switzerland, the company Cartonnage-Fabrik Freiburg AG adopted the name Cafag in 1931. The company ventured into thermoforming in the 1950s. In 2003, Cafag became a part of PQH Holding SA. Finally in 2023, Cafag merged with Walke AG, another brand of the Group.

In 1881, August Diem founded the first Swiss factory for colored papers in Herisau, which later became known as Walke in 1934. In 2003, Walke was acquired and became a part of PQH Holding SA.

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Sébastien Pauchard